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24권(2014) | [24권 4호] Hong, Sung-Ryong⋅Choi, Michelle, The Impact of Natural …

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Abstract : There exist many features in a culture within all big societies that only it alone possesses due to its ethnic and geographic characteristics. The culture, language, and life of indigenous ethnic minorities are different from those of the majority of their nation. The history of South Africa is made up of a series of conflicts among various ethnic groups. Tanzania, an Eastern African country, became independent from British colonization in 1964. Magubike is a village located in the northern part of Tanzania inhabited by the Kaguru local people. This study is to describe the wide range of cultural influences of Kaguru tribe and the impact of natural disaster on the life based on geographical environment which they had. This research investigates the society of Kaguru through two perspectives: firstly, the geographical characteristics that has ruled the lives of the Kaguru and the British
colonial society in the 1960; and secondly, to provide the analysis and comparison of the characteristics of early Kaguru culture, history, and legend.

Key words : tribal disputes, Eastern African tribes, Tanzania, Minor tribes culture


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